Foundation eyebrow permanent makeup course

Foundation eyebrow permanent makeup course

Auckland Lash & Brows

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Foundation eyebrow permanent make up training

This course is designed for design for beginer who have no experience in eyebrow permanent makeup field and would like to join in this popular and profitable neauty industry, or PMU artist who want to update new techniques. No matter what industry you are in, If you are beauty driven person and always have an eye for beauty and a passion to make others look prettier, become a better version of themselfe. This course is for you!

In this course, you will learn how to create 3 techniques of feather brow , ombre powder shading and combination effect techniques using machine 

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4 days course

Monday to Thursday

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm each day


- Work Hygiene and requirement for a permanent makeup salon
- Golden Ratio – Face and Brows analyst
- How to use brows measuring tools
- How to choose and draw eyebrows shape for different face shape
- Skin theory: work with different skin types and undertone
- Color and pigments Theory
- Fixing old microblading and old tattoo
- Anaesthetic types
- Consultation - Before and after care
- Trouble shooting
- Experience sharing


- Measure and draw eyebrow shape on fake skin and on model base on Golden ratio
- Different strokes patterns for nano feather row  and different ombre style for powder brows shading
- Practice microblading/ powder brow on fake skin, mannequin and on model
- Skin stretching techniques
- Common mistakes and trouble shooting discussion
- How to Take good photos 
- Working with machine