Eyebrow Makover and Design

If you are looking to master your eyebrow design/ shaping and makover skill, This full day Eyebrow makeover and design cours is a fundalmental steping stone. This course suitable for anyone who:
- Would like to add eyebrows service in your beauty salon
- Makeup artist who want to mastering eyebrow makeover skill
- Anyone who want to take permannent makeup course in the future 
Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm
Price: $999 + GST
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- Work Hygiene, health and safety and requirement for salon
- Face and Brows analyst
- How to use brows measuring tools
- How to choose and draw eyebrows shape for different face shape
- Skin theory: skin types
- Wax and tint Theory
- Consultation - Before and after care
- Trouble shooting


- Design, measure and draw eyebrow shape 
- Eyebrow waxing
- Eyebrow tinting
- Eyebrow Threading
- Eyebrow tweezing
- Eyebrow Makeup
- Common mistake discussion
- How to Take good photos and marketing

Full starter kit Included 


Manual, Consultation form and after care card

- Eyebrow ruler
- Tweezer
- Eyebrow sissors
- Wax heater
- Hot wax
- Wax sticks (100)
- Cooling Gel
- Wax lotion
- Pre and post wax soloution
- Tint developer
- Tint colour : Brown and Light brown
- Tint pot
- Brow wand
- Brow makeup brush
- Brow concealer
- Micro brush and Applicator