Eyelash Extension Before & Aftercare

Before and aftercare eyelash extensions Auckland Lash and Brows

Before Your Appointment

Please do not wear eye makeup – especially mascara, as it will take more time to remove your makeup and gives us less time to apply your lash extensions

Eye makeup removal fee is $20

Please do not wear contact lenses during application

Please do not drink coffee, tea, energy drinks for at least 2 hours prior to your appointment as caffeine can cause your eyes to flutter involuntarily.

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment, take some time to relax and fill in your consultation form. We ask that our clients arrive promptly for their appointments to ensure sufficient time for quality results.

While there is no fee for late arrivals, the length of the appointment may be reduced due to time restraints. Guests arriving over 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule, as accommodating late clients may inconvenience the lash artists’ next appointments. While we will try our best to accommodate you, understand that your appointment may be rescheduled at our discretion. In this event, the cancellation/rescheduling policy will come into effect.

We do not infill other people’s work, but we can help safely remove a bad application. If you are wearing eyelash extensions done by others, please let us know prior to your appointment, We may need to remove them before applying our ones, removal fee is $30 for 30 mins which can be booked separately. Otherwise, you can wait until your extensions come off before booking with us.

Aftercare Instructions

Avoid wetting lash extensions ideally 24 hours after the treatment. This allows time for the glue to dry.


Avoid steam rooms and hot shower/ saunasfor at least 48 hours (or completely, if possible, due to cyanoacrylate’s low thermal resistance).


Avoid oily products around the eyelashes. Do not wearing mascara, foundation and eyeliner on eyelids. If the lashes come into contact with these products, the bond of the adhesive can weaken and cause premature shedding of the extensions.


Wash eyelash extensions every day or at least twice a week with a lash shampoos or eyelid cleanser. It is important to wash the roots and skin between the eyelashes, not the tips of the extensions. If dust, oils and make up stuck on the eyelid, it will effect on natural lashes health cause lash damage, premature lash lost or and infection


Do not use cotton wipesto wipes the eyelashes area, because it will catch the extension and pull them out. Ideally to use a soft brush to remove makeup around eye area,


Sleep on your back, and it is recommended to sleep on a silk pillow case


Do not touching and rubbing the eyelashesto avoid permanent hair loss. Be gentle. And using a lash wand is a great ideal


Heatlike hair dryer or BBQ, oven may burn the extensions


Do not perm, curl or tintthe eyelash extensions.