Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Training

Volume Eyelash Extension Training with Kasey at Auckland Lash and Brows

1 day Intensive Training

Models required: 1 at 3pm


This course Is Ideal for:

Russian Volume lashes
is for experienced Eyelash Technicians

The course is an advancement from the classic and Basic Volume extensions

Benefits of this course

Increase your income potential by providing an extremely in-demand beauty service

Level up your eyelash extension skill with Russian Volume eyelash extension, that taking the beauty industry by storm

Unlimited continuous online support

Lash kit: practical and high-quality products enough for 20 procedures or more

What Will You Learn During This Course?

Health & Safety - hygiene standards in the industry

Reminding of classic and Basic Volume theory

Client safety: Reaction and allergies

Different types of Volume eyelash thickness, curls: mixing curls and diameter

Choosing appropriate lash curl and diameter

Golden ratio of lash placement

Correct lash styling and lash mapping

Various techniques of Volume fans and creation and pick up

Speeding Fans technique

Layering: Creating perfect lash line

Eye Liner and makeup effect

Adhesive: understanding your adhesives and how to work with, whilst choosing the right adhesive that most suitable for your skill, your environment, enhancing retention of your work

Volume Lash application step by step

Correct isolation of natural lashes

Safety Volume removal procedure

Volume Infills procedure

Troubleshooting - Before and aftercare: ways to maintain client’s lash health

Client consultation and marketing your business

The Lash Kit includes:

5 boxes of lashes 

1 x Tweezers kit: Volume Tweezers + Isolation Tweezers

1 x Adhesives: 1 Bottles x 5ml

1 x Crystal Stone

1 x Silicon Pad

1 x Adhesive Primer

1 x Microspore roll of Tape

10 x Eye Pad Pairs
1 x Cream Remover

1 x Foaming Lash Cleanser

10 x Mascara Wands

10 x Applicator Wands

1 x Box of Micro Brushes

Client Consultant Form and Aftercare Card