Eyebrow Permanent Makeup

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Micro blading, also as known as eyebrow embroidery, feather touch brow tattooing, is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill-in over plucked brows or those who just want to add a slight arch and the results are a natural, and undetectable fringe.

Combo brows is a combination of two forms: microblading and powder brows (shading). Microblading hair-strokes are placed with a manual tool around the border of the brow to give the brow a natural look. The powder effect is applied to the body of the brow using a permanent makeup device to give the brow its fullness.    

Eyebrow Embroidery is a 2 step process, usually 4 – 6 weeks apart. This is very important to complete 2 sessions.

The first session is approximately 2-3 hours. The first hour we’re drawing the shape in with a removable pencil. That’s the longest part and the most important step. During this time, the best-customized shape for every client is chosen. It’s not a rushed procedure. Once the client is satisfied with the shape, we will carry out the session using a special microblading blade (a handheld tool – not a machine) to draw on individual strokes one by one.

Before the microblading begins, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anaesthetic, some clients may feel a slight discomfort, but it’s relatively painless. In this time, we will discuss the shape and colours, etc.

The best part about the technique is that there is no downtime. Your new set of brows will be ready for a selfie immediately after the process. A follow-up one month after your appointment is required, the touch-up process will take one hour to most clients. The healing process is different for everyone, and it takes between 25 and 30 days.

The end result will depend on 50% pigment and 50% healing. We all heal differently, and what works for one client may not be effective on another. This is why a second visit is so important, it corrects any irregularities in colour tones, and makes the look permanent.

The second stage of the treatment is called a "Perfecting Procedure”, and takes around 60 minutes. This usually happens after the first session 4 -6 weeks because it takes that long for the pigment to settle in the skin. After the first session, around 15% of the strokes will fade because of the healing process. We recommend you must complete the second visit, if not it will be a job half done and the results will not be optimum. The touch up gives the client an opportunity to get used to the initial finish before a final touch up consolidates the pigment into the skin, thus preventing fading. Colour will have faded significantly in this 30 days as the skin heals, peels and fades. The look of the brows in the first 10 days will be very defined and no indication of the finished result.

Unlike eyebrow extensions, which you have to be careful about maintaining, microblading is low maintenance. After healing, you can rub them and enjoy swimming. No special care is required, except for a brief touch-up once a year. This evolutionary technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe.

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