Classic eyelash extensions 1 day course for beginner

Classic eyelash extensions 1 day course for beginner

Auckland Lash & Brows

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Course open Tuesday weekly, please note which date you would like to attend
Time 9:30am to 3:30pm
Please bring one model at 1pm
This course is ideal for those with no prior experience in eyelash extensions & previously Certified lash artists wanting to increase their eyelash education and skill level


Increase your income potential by providing an extremely in-demand beauty service

Start your new career with exceptional skills and knowledge

Unlimited continuous online support

Lash kit: practical and high-quality products enough for 50 procedures


This foundation lash course will help you to increase your lash knowledge, skills, confidence and business right from the beginning! In this course, we cover all topics related to becoming an Eyelash Technician. The course will cover theory and practical requirements to perform eyelash extension.

Course Outline

Students will learn the following to make sure they get the right skills and confidence to create beautiful long lasting lashes:
  • Health & Safety - hygiene standards in the industry
  • Anatomy of the eye
  • Natural eyelash growth cycle
  • Client safety: Reaction and allergies
  • Different types of classic eyelash thickness, curls
  • Choosing appropriate extensions lengths, curl and diameter
  • Adhesive - understanding your adhesives and how to work with, whilst choosing the right adhesive that most suitable for your skill, your environment, enhancing retention of your work
  • Additional lash products and tools
  • Lash application step by step : classic and pre-made volume
  • Correct isolation of natural lashes
  • Correct lash styling
  • Safety Removal procedure
  • Infills procedure
  • Troubleshooting - Before and aftercare: ways to maintain client’s lash health
  • Client consultation and marketing your business
  • Practicing on Mannequin 
  • Practicing on real model


5 Trays of mix lashes

1 x Tweezers kit:  Classic Tweezers + Isolation Tweezers 

1 x Adhesives

1 x Acrilyc Lash pallete

1 x Adhesive Primer

1 x Microspore roll of Tape

50 x Eye Pad Pairs

1 x Cream Remover

1 x Foaming Lash Cleanser

1 pack x Mascara Wands

1 pack x Applicator Wands

1pack x Micro Brushes

Client Consultation Form and Aftercare Card