Up skill workshop

Classic eyelash extensions Up skill work shop
Training from 10am to 1pm
1 Model required: 11 am

Russian Volume eyelash extensions Up skill work shop
Training from 10am to 5pm
1 Model required: 2:30 pm
This course is ideal for Certified lash artists wanting to increase their eyelash education and skill level at any stages that they do not feel confident about

Benefits of this Course

Increase your income and retention of loyal clients

Update new knowledge and new technology in the industry

Unlimited continuous online support

Lash kit: practical and high-quality products enough for 10 procedures or more




Why does my glue not working?

I do not have returning clients

How to lash inner corner and outer corner?

Perfect eyeshade and lash map

Safe removal for every kind of eyelash extension removers

Irritation vs allergy 

Making perfect fan (Volume)

Speed up your work without loosing your quality

and a lot of tips and tricks